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Beginner Step Class

Length:  60 minutes 

Fees: HKD 300 for 2 classes per month 

This class teaches basic postures of Hula and simple steps for beginners, and prepares you for learning 'Auana. Students who have no experience in Hula Dance is recommended to take part in this class first.
Students who would like to learn again the basic steps may also join this beginner class. They can learn the basic steps and hand movements of Hula.
When learning the basics, students can understand the tips of using the body. Their bodies can be trained up effectively for dancing.
*In this class, choreography will not be teached most of the time.


Auana Class

Length: 60 minutes

Fees: HKD 500 for 4 classes per month

  This class is for students with knowledge of the basic steps. Students will learn 'Auana's choreography, which is the Modern Hula.

Beginning with basic steps, students can learn about Hawaii while building up expressiveness and dancing techniques. 


Special Class: Kahiko with instruments

 Length: 60 minutes

Fees: HKD 350 for 2 classes per month

 This class teaches dancing Kahiko and with instruments.
Kahiko is traditionally performed for God or the royal family. It is a vigorous dance for praying for victory in wars, full of cultural and traditional meanings. When dancing Kahiko, students can get in touch with Hawaiian culture and history through lyrics of Kahiko's songs.
Moreover, students will also try out songs using different instruments, including the symbolic instrument of HULA decorated with red and yellow feathers on the head, 'Uli'Uli Maracas, or Pu'ili and Ipu.
This class is for studnets with knowledge of basic steps.
*This class is for the purpose of continuous training and improvement. It is expected that students are joining this class on a monthly basis. Students with lesson packages will not be able to join it.


ENJOY: Hula Class

Length: 60 minutes

Fees: HKD 500 for 4 classes per month 

 This class is for enjoying Hula dance regardless of age, skills and physical strength.

Students can refresh their minds and bodies with the healing Hawaiian music.

Students will repeat simple and basic steps and choreography. The slow pace of the class allows all to enjoy dancing and Hawaiian atmosphere with ease.